Silvia Sephora Moron

President / Founder

Ms. Moron is a young woman of Haitian origin who is involved in Healthcare. Born on August 16, 1986, she completed her primary studies, at Anne Marie Devasrieux, Colimon Boisson College, her secondary studies at Nouveau College Bird, her University studies at the Center for International Diplomatic Study, Miami Lakes Educational Center She is continuing her education in nursing at Laboure College.

Creative, dynamic, and ambitious, she founded a production company called ``Secassa`` from a very young age with her friend Cassandre, including the SE prefix for Séphora and the Cassa suffix for Cassandre. The company was founded in 2008 and Sephora was only 22 years old. They had obtained the support of the Canadian Cooperation which had agreed to finance the project since the company had already established points of sale and distribution throughout the capital. Unfortunately, this endeavor did not last long due to the January 12, 2010 earthquake. She keeps very beautiful memories however, such as their participation, she and her team at numerous fairs and cultural events.

Her ambitions do not stop there, philanthropist and generous, she is very involved in humanitarianism, and after being a victim of COVID-19 she decided to create the Fondation Sephora Moron on June 7, 2020, which aims to fight hunger, promote health and social well-being. This foundation, whose mission is to help the poor, is a way for Sephora to do God’s and to express her gratitude to him.

Mario Beauzile


Mario Beauzile was born in Chardonnières on October 12, 1951, did his primary studies with the Sisters of Ste. Anne of the same city and her secondary studies at Lycée Philippe Guerrier des Cayes and Lycée Alexandre Pétion. He did his university studies (partial) at Faculté de Linguistique Appliquée. Mario studied Accounting at the Ecole de Photographie et de Cinématographie d'Emeline Désert. He also studied Management at the Taylor Business Institute in New York and English Literature at the New England Banking Institute in Boston, now known as the New England College of Business. After working at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, US Trust Bank (now defunct), and Town Hall of Somerville, Mario retired in February 2017.

Mario has always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. He is a founding member of the Ecole Coeurs Unis. He had his photography studio at Postes Marchands while he worked at Madsen Import Export and during his tenure, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston he occasionally operated kiosks at Assembly Square Mall in Somerville, Square One Mall in Saugus and South Station

Mario has made benevolence his strong point and never stopped decrying the misery of the poor. So he did not hesitate for a second to follow suit when Sephora invited him to join her Philanthropic Foundation.

Mario is a seasoned photographer and currently Chairman of the Cambridge Christian Committee.

Jacqueline Philippe Exantus


Jacqueline Philippe Exantus was born in Port-au-Prince on March 6, 1978. She completed her primary studies at Institution Jardin Fleury Yolène and sisters Providence Day School, and high school at College Jean Narcisse and Centre d'Etudes Classiques. A graduate in Secretariat and Marketing, Jacqueline has worked for several companies in the capital before getting involved in humanitarian endeavors. This is not a new experience for Jacqueline, an Entrepreneur who, along with her husband, created the foundation ``Vwa Timoun Yo`` or the Children's Voice. Their foundation is responsible for the welfare of orphans and destitute children. Jacqueline is a very sensitive young woman, honest and humble, she decided to be part of the foundation Sephora Moron to bring her experience to it. She believes in creating a better world. The foundation is happy to welcome Mrs. Exantus.


Alain Mondesir

Marie Carmel Mondesir

Josette St-Hilaire